Why Ever-Clean?

The Ever-Clean chainmail scrubber is a unique product in the cast iron cleaning space. It combines the best features of many different cleanings methods into one quick and easy to use product. While chainmail scrubbers have always been the most effective way to clean cast iron, scrubbers with open ended links can scratch off your cast iron's seasoning with use, and food particles can be captured in the gaps between the ends of each link, encouraging bacterial growth. Soft bristle brushes are safer on your cast iron's seasoning, but are no where near as effective as chainmail scrubbers at removing stuck on food particles, requiring much more time and effort. To make up for this, soap, or an abrasive, like salt, are frequently used in conjunction with soft bristle brushes, but both soap and salt can be harmful to your cast iron's seasoning.


Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Ever-Clean is manufactured with a process called electro-conduction, which seals the ends of each individual link so that that there are no gaps or sharp edges that can damage your cast iron's seasoning or collect nasty food particles.  This important attribute ensures that Ever-Clean is as gentle on your seasoning as a soft-bristled brush, while maintaining the cleaning effectiveness of a chainmail scrubber.  Because each ring is sealed, it makes Ever-Clean extremely durable, meaning it will last a life-time. Ever-Clean also utilizes much smaller rings than our competition, which allows for more contact surface to increase efficiency and ensure even the toughest to reach places on your specialty pans, such as grooved cake pans, are cleaned with ease.


The Ring

Some other chainmail scrubbers have a single, larger ring, attached to one corner, that allows the mesh to be hung up to dry. This ring is almost always not resistance welded, meaning there are large ends that will scratch off seasoning. It also means that balling up the mesh to use as a scouring pad can be much more difficult. We have decided to forgo the hanging ring to ensure that Ever-Clean is the most versatile chainmail scrubber on the market, while also being the most gentle on your cast iron's seasoning.


Made in the USA

Ever-Clean is made in the USA, from 18/8 Food Grade, American stainless steel. This durable material will last as long as your cast iron, so you'll always have the best way to keep your cast iron clean and its seasoning in perfect condition.


Easy to Clean

Ever-Clean can be quickly cleaned by rubbing it between your hands with soap under running water. After tough jobs, like scrubbing down a grill, throw Ever-Clean in the dishwasher. The stainless steel won't rust and can be dishwashed over and over.