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The Ever-Clean scrubbing mesh was the best purchase I have made for a utensil to clean my cast iron! It works so fast and effectively that we completely transitioned to cast iron cooking! Thank you for a great product!!

Adam in NV

This was the best purchase I could have ever made for my cast iron cookware collection!

David in CA

I previously used table salt and a rag to scrub my cast irons. It was a pain in the ass and pans would often sit on the stove for a day or two before getting cleaned. Not ideal for the seasoning...or my marriage. This makes cleaning the pans almost effortless and helps maintain the pans' seasoning. Great product, highly recommend.


Ever-Clean has caused NO damage to the seasoning of my griddle.

Mike in FL

Should have purchased a long time ago -- really pleased!

Emily in ND

I have been showing friends the qualities of a small ringed scrubber over the larger varieties and all agree it is superior. Also the welded ring seams do not scratch or catch onto clothing or cut your hands or surfaces of any material.

David in CA

My cast iron seasoning was not affected and has only improved over time while using the Ever-Clean to remove any food residue stuck after cooking!

Adam in NV